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DUMPStat delivers powerful statistics tailored to detection monitoring data analysis and management at landfills and industrial facilities.

DUMPStat Explorer provides hydrogeochemical exploratory tools including Stiff Patterns, Trilinear Diagrams, Multi-Line Time Series, XY Scatter Plots and more; all with customizable configurations and unparalleled live interactivity.

CARStat extends DUMPStat's capabilities with statistics specific to compliance, assessment and remediation at industrial plants, disposal facilities, brownfield sites and other installations requiring detailed investigation.


Explorer software update now available

October 25, 2017

DUMPStat 3.0 with the Exploratory Tools module is now available as a free software update for all our clients who have a DUMPStat Explorer 2.2.2 software license.

DUMPStat 3.0 can be installed on 64-bit Windows 7 and 10 systems, and the Exploratory Tools module includes all the functionality from DUMPStat Explorer 2.2.2 and several new features such as:

  • Conversion of 2.1 Groundwater sites to DS3 site files
  • Improved merging of sampling data
  • Exporting of database records
  • Block deletion of database records
  • Adjustable symbol size
  • Selectable line thickness for time series plots
  • Charge balance and TDS numbers on ion diagram legends

See the Release Notes for more detailed information.

Please contact for information regarding 64-bit compliant software versions.

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