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DUMPStat statistical consultation packages

Dr. Robert Gibbons will provide DUMPStat to companies as part of a multi-site contract that includes his statistical consultation. Typically, the cost of this complete consultation will be about $7,000 and includes the following activities:

  1. Evaluation of all current monitoring data.
  2. Evaluation of statistical aspects of the current groundwater monitoring network.
  3. Preparation of the statistical section of the groundwater monitoring permit application.
  4. Complete setup of the DUMPStat program with all existing site data.
  5. A report and analysis of the first semi-annual monitoring event under the Subtitle D monitoring program.
  6. A DUMPStat site license.
  7. Regulatory support and negotiation as needed.

For companies that do not wish to perform the ongoing monitoring activities required for their facilities, Dr. Gibbons will undertake to do so for $1,200 per site, per monitoring event. This service includes:

  1. Updating the database with new data.
  2. Maintaining the database and backups
  3. Analysis of new data.
  4. Updating background statistical limits on an annual basis.
  5. Preparation of statistical report.

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