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Overview of our family of groundwater and environmental statistics programs: DUMPStat, Explorer and CARStat.

DUMPStat is a powerful statistics package for detection monitoring data analysis and management at landfills and industrial facilities.
The Mixed-Up Suite
MIXOR, MIXREG, MIXNO and MIXPREG provide estimates for mixed-effects ordinal probit and logistic regression model, mixed-effects regression models (MRM) including autocorrelated errors, mixed-effects nominal logistic regression analysis, and mixed-effects Poisson regression analysis.
DUMPStat Explorer
DUMPStat Explorer is a suite of evaluation tools for exploring site data, comparing chemical signatures, and investigating hydrogeological samples. Explorer generates Stiff Patterns, Trilinear Diagrams, Multi-Line Time Series, and XY Scatter Plots; and features live editing capabilities for quick results.
CARStat extends DUMPStat's capabilities with statistics specific to compliance, assessment, and remediation. CARStat and DUMPStat are based on the work of Dr. Robert D. Gibbons.

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