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The staff at Discerning Systems come from diverse backgrounds with varied experiences; we've worked on all sorts of projects both inside the company and before joining DSI. Whether using PalmOS to create programs that unobtrusively gather research data on handheld computers, or Java to build a web-enabled enterprise data retrieval application that sifts through gigabytes of data, we enjoy the challenge of getting things 'right'. And even though a large part of our day involves complex technology we never forget that everyone needs a little help from time to time. We all take pride in providing the type of patient, helpful advice that we feel should be the rule rather than the exception it now seems to be.

DSI specializes in the development of graphical user interfaces for and the support of revolutionary statistical and environmental programs:
DUMPStat Explorer is a suite of evaluation tools for exploring site data, comparing chemical signatures, and investigating hydrogeological samples. Stiff Patterns, Trilinear Diagrams, Multi-Line Time Series, and XY Scatter Plots are created 'on-the-fly' with live editing and immediate results. Output is fully customizable and can be saved or printed.
DUMPStat is the premier application for performing groundwater statistics on industrial facilities and landfill sites. Used by corporations, municipalities, consultants, and regulators it sets the standard for statistical rigor in groundwater analysis.
CARStat is an easy-to-learn statistical analysis and graphical display system which redefines Compliance, Assessment, and Remediation for site analysis by building on and extending DUMPStat's powerful statistical algorithms and simple-to-use interface to a wider audience.
MIXOR / MIXREG / MIXNO / MIXPREG perform state-of-the-art Mixed-Effects Regression Modeling for continuous, binary, ordinal, nominal, count, and time-to-event data.

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