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Technical Notes

These technical notes address some important issues that you may face when working with DUMPStat and CARStat. They are detailed, step by step instructions on how to accomplish the things that you want to (or should want to) do. The notes are in PDF form, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Safeguarding Your Work describes how to effectively use the site capabilities of CARStat and DUMPStat to develop and maintain a rigorous backup strategy to protect your site data.

Data Format takes you through describing your ASCII (text) data file to CARStat or DUMPStat so that it can incorporate it into the site's historical database.

But what if your data isn't already a text file? Data Preparation describes converting an Excel spreadsheet into a format that CARStat and DUMPStat can import. While the example focuses on Excel, the same basic steps apply no matter what database or spreadsheet you use.

Data Merge contains specifications on the data formats that can be read by DUMPStat and CARStat and on any restrictions that should be considered when making a DUMPStat or CARStat merge file.

Know Your Stats is an excerpt from the DUMPStat Statistical Guide on statistical methods that are widely used but should be avoided.

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