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We've moved!
Our office has recently moved to a new location. Please see our Contact Us page for updated contact information. To make the transition as smooth as possible for our clients, our toll-free number remains the same and our previous phone and fax numbers have been redirected to our new numbers.

We would like to encourage you to start using our new phone number as soon as possible because our voicemail service can be unreliable when calls are forwarded from the old number, which may result in unanswered calls.

We're celebrating our fifteenth anniversary!
We would like to thank all of our clients, business partners and friends for their continued support and invaluable feedback.

Electronic Diary project celebrates first year of use
Discerning Systems is pleased to announce a successful first year of service for its Electronic Diary application as part of the study "Social-Emotional Contexts of Adolescent Smoking Patterns" led by Dr. Robin Mermelstein (University of Illinois at Chicago).

The Palm Pilot application helps researchers gain insight into teen behavior by taking complete control of the device to query participants randomly throughout the day for a week. The password-protected diary also allows students to record feelings and suspend alarms or delay responses to random prompts for 'quiet times' as well as recording its own operation and user actions.

At the end of the week all responses and usage logs are uploaded to a laptop where our conduit program converts the information from the Palm data file to a PC database to create in-field reports and files for later submission to a central server. To date the Electronic Diary has been used by over 450  students in the Chicago area. For more information see http://www.healthconnectionsstudy.org

06.30.04 Automated Windows Updates may cause DUMPStat and CARStat analyses to fail
DUMPStat and CARStat analyses may stop functioning for no apparent reason. We have determined that Automated Windows Updates are the cause. Correct  operation may be restored by updating to DUMPStat or CARStat 2.1.8 which addressed this problem when they were updated for Windows XP. Download the programs from DSI Software Updates and install them on top of your current versions.  Do not uninstall your existing versions prior to updating them.

03.24.04 Website and e-mail problems
On Thursday, March 18, 2004 our website and e-mail services experienced intermittent outages. We were told by our hosting company (Symplexity.net) that the problems would be corrected. Friday conditions worsened but service was partially restored for brief intervals during the weekend.

Early Monday morning everything went down again and this time for good. The datacenter (ThePlanet.com) told us that the problems originated with our host while our host continued to blame the datacenter. Late Monday we received word that ThePlanet would no longer host any of Symplexity's servers. We engaged a new web hosting company and set up our website and e-mail on Tuesday.

The website and e-mail should be completely operational now but some e-mail may have been lost during the transition. If you sent us e-mail and did not receive a reply, please resend it. We apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced during this period.

10.01.03 Amstat News rates Gibbons & Coleman book one of top five
Statistical Methods for Detection and Quantification of Environmental Contamination by Dr. Robert D. Gibbons and David E. Coleman received top ranking in Amstat News.  Read the review.

07.01.03 DUMPStat Explorer floating network licensing
DUMPStat Explorer includes floating network licensing as an extra-cost option. A floating license allows any one person (per license) on your network to use Explorer without the inconvenience of diskette license transfers.

04.25.03 DUMPStat 2.1.8 patch update released
An error in determining outliers in Up vs. Down Predictions Limits introduced in the January 2003 update of DUMPStat has been corrected. Get the updated DUMPStat 2.1.8 patch or the new demo download to update your installation.

04.17.03 DUMPStat and CARStat 2.1.8 patch updates released
Minor changes have been made to the DUMPStat and CARStat 2.1.8 releases. Get the updated 2.1.8 patch for DUMPStat or CARStat, or get the new demo downloads.

04.05.03 DUMPStat Explorer 2.2.1 maintenance release is available
A maintenance release for DUMPStat Explorer is now available which corrects minor problems with site loading and legend printing in trilinear plots. All registered users can update their installation by downloading and installing the demo from the downloads page.

01.23.03 DUMPStat and CARStat 2.1.8 patch updates released
Minor changes have been made to the DUMPStat and CARStat 2.1.8 releases. Get the updated 2.1.8 patch for DUMPStat or CARStat, or get the new demo downloads.

01.01.03 DUMPStat and CARStat 2.1.8 maintenance patches released
2.1.8 maintenance patches are available for DUMPStat and CARStat, with the addition of new grid display for power charts, more control over site locking, changes in the way manual reporting limits are handled, and more. Get the patches here.

12.12.02 Explorer 2.2 now available
New stand-alone version of Explorer now available! Version 2.2 can be used without DUMPStat or CARStat,with new data import functionality and other improvements. Get the demo download here, or find out more about the program here.

10.24.02 CARStat statistical patch released
There has been a statistical patch released for CARStat that removes the limits placed on total number of items analyzed in Comparison to Standard and Natural Attenuation. Get this patch here.

09.15.02 We've moved!
Discerning Systems has moved offices. Please make note of our new mailing address: 8557 Government Street, Suite 105, Burnaby, BC, V3N 4S9 CANADA

07.03.02 DUMPStat Explorer demo now available!
Find out more about Explorer's features, or download the free demo here.

06.24.02 DUMPStat and CARStat 2.1.7 maintenance patches released
2.1.7 maintenance patches are available for DUMPStat and CARStat, fixing issues with printer choices, time display in graphs, and legibility of small text. Get the patches here.

06.24.02 Windows XP statistical patch now available in beta
Windows XP statistical patches are available for DUMPStat and CARStat. Please note that these are beta versions only and have not been fully tested. Get the patches here.

02.25.02 CARStat 2.1.6 statistical patch released
CARStat patch released with updated Comparison to Background analysis, fixing a labeling problem for trends. Get the latest patches here.

02.18.02 NEW** DUMPStat Explorer coming soon
Investigative hydrogeochemical tools such as Stiff Patterns, Trilinear Diagrams, and Multi-Line Time Series, for use with DUMPStat and CARStat databases. Find out more here.

01.08.02 CARStat 2.1.6 maintenance patches released
CARStat patches released with updated Comparison to Background analysis and a necessary component for CD demo version to run in 2002. Get the latest patches here.

10.04.01 DUMPStat & CARStat 2.1.6 available
DUMPStat 2.1.6 fixes a problem with communications between the program and viewer applications. Get the latest DUMPStat and CARStat patches.

09.13.01 DUMPStat 2.1.5 available
Latest DUMPStat release allows more options to be saved in zone files, and Analytical Data Summary tables can now be custom numbered.

09.13.01 CARStat 2.1.5 available
Latest CARStat release allows more options to be saved in zone files, and Analytical Data Summary tables can now be custom numbered.

09.14.01 DETECT available from DSI
Analytical chemistry utility DETECT is now available from Discerning Systems. Find out more about DETECT.

04.25.01 New CARStat & DUMPStat patches available
Updated patches are now available for CARStat 2.1.1 and DUMPStat 2.1.1. These correct issues that were present in the March 2001 patches.

12.12.00 New DUMPStat demo available
An updated DUMPStat 2.1.1 demo version has been added to our Downloads page incorporating the newest statistical patch. This patch fixes outlier detection in the Up vs. Down prediction limits analysis and was mailed out with all 2.1.1 upgrades.

10.30.00 CARStat & DUMPStat 2.1.1 released
CARStat 2.1.1 and DUMPStat 2.1.1 have just been released. CARStat 2.1.1 will be shipped free of charge to all CARStat 2.0 users, while DUMPStat 2.1.1 will be shipped free of charge to DUMPStat 2.1 users, or for $400 (including 90 days of technical support) to users of earlier DUMPStat versions who wish to purchase the update.

09.11.00 New CARStat Power Chart added
Comparison to Standard Statistical Power Charts have been added to CARStat 2.1.1. These charts show the likelihood of meeting or exceeding a regulatory standard for different values of the true concentration of a constituent. This allows you to quantitatively see how effective your statistical plan is, and more importantly, whether you are at risk of misclassification from chance alone. CARStat 2.1.1 is scheduled for release in late September.

08.08.00 DUMPStat 2.1.1 coming soon
DUMPStat 2.1.1 is scheduled for release in September. All DUMPStat 2.1 users will automatically receive a copy of the upgrade free of charge. The upgrade includes many new features such as adjustable outlier screening, automatic dilution interpretation and increased zone functionality. Minor problems in version 2.1 are also fixed in 2.1.1.

08.08.00 CARStat 2.1.1 coming soon
CARStat 2.1.1 is nearing completion. Expect to see revolutionary Statistical Power Charts for Comparison to Standards, a new WYSIWYG data import screen with a timesaving pre-merge check of your data's layout; a new block delete; and the removal of the hardware key as part of the new and improved features of this release.

03.17.00 DUMPStat 2.1 officially released
DUMPStat 2.1 was released on March 17, 2000. The upgrade includes 90 days of technical support and an automatic upgrade to version 2.1.1 as soon as it ships.

06.30.99 CASAS 3.8 is available for download
CASAS 3.8 now allows you to store your graphs for later access; adds 'Unknown' to the ethnicity list, and allows you to store duplicates of your output files elsewhere on your computer or a network server. Existing users can update their systems from our CASAS page.

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