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The DUMPStat, Explorer and CARStat trial downloads can be registered for full functionality over the phone when you decide to purchase.

A DUMPStat site license is required for each individual facility that is undergoing monitoring and is having its data analyzed with the help of DUMPStat statistics. The cost of each site license is a one-time fee of $2,500, which includes:

  • one copy of the DUMPStat software,
  • program updates for that software copy for one year,
  • and one year of technical support for one person.

Quantity discounts are available when purchasing multiple DUMPStat site licenses as part of the same transaction.
Consultants' copies of DUMPStat can be purchased for $500 per software copy, which includes 90 days of technical support. This allows you to work with previously licensed DUMPStat sites.

DUMPStat Explorer
A stand-alone version of DUMPStat Explorer is now available. Version 2.2 does not require DUMPStat or CARStat and has no site licensing restrictions, allowing you to work with as many sites as you wish. DUMPStat Explorer can be purchased for $995 per software copy.
A floating network license is available for $1495. This allows everyone connected to your network to use the program without having to transfer the software license from one system to another. The price includes program updates and technical support for one year. 

CARStat can be purchased for $4000 per computer license, with the capacity for an unlimited number of site databases or facilities, with no site licensing fees. The price includes program updates and technical support for one year. 

Statistical consultation packages provided by Dr. Robert Gibbons are also available.

Technical Support
An annual technical support subscription can be purchased for $200 per person. This service is intended to provide assisstance via e-mail or over the phone with how to use our software. It does not include software, software updates or statistical/regulatory guidance.

These programs are currently available free of charge for download from the MIXOR/MIXREG homepage located at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

All prices are quoted in US funds and are in effect until further notice.

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