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CARStat is an easy-to-learn statistical analysis system that automatically performs a complete analysis of all sampling locations, groups of locations, and constituents with a single mouse click. It is completely consistent with USEPA Subtitle C and D regulations and all USEPA guidance documents.

CARStat performs comparisons to background and to regulatory standards as well as natural attenuation analysis. Appropriate confidence limits, prediction limits, distributional testing, treatment of nondetects, trend analysis, and outlier detections are automatically generated.

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Statistical Methods for Detection and Quantification of Environmental Contamination is published by
John Wiley & Sons

In their book Statistical Methods for Detection and Quantification of Environmental Contamination (2001), authors Dr. Robert D. Gibbons and David E. Coleman:

  • Describe the statistical theory underlying the detection and quantification of environmental pollution in laboratory and field.
  • Present statistical methods that allow the earliest possible detection and quantification of contaminants.
  • Describe procedures applicable to all environmental constituents.
  • Cover numerous state-of-the-art approaches and include case studies demonstrating practical applications of these approaches.
  • Demonstrate the use of analytical measurements in making environmental impact decisions, and in comparing environmental data to regulatory standards and naturally occurring background concentrations.

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