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DUMPStat is a program for the statistical analysis of groundwater monitoring data using methods described in Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring by Dr. Robert D. Gibbons (see below). It guides you through importing your lab data and defining your site and then provides complete analysis of all wells and constituents with a single click; automatically selecting the most appropriate statistics to minimize both false positive and false negative rates for your entire facility.

Comprehensive graphs and tables help you to quickly understand the results and worksheets let you look 'under the hood' at the calculations that provided those answers. DUMPStat is completely consistent with all USEPA regulations and guidance and the ASTM D6312-98 guidance.

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Compare DUMPStat and CARStat
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DUMPStat brochure
DUMPStat 2.1.8 release notes
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DUMPStat 2.1.8 Addendum (to go with the printed 2.1 User's Guide)

The theory behind DUMPStat...

Dr. Gibbons' book Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring (1994) thoroughly explains valid statistical methods for analyzing the huge volume of data taken from groundwater monitoring wells. It offers comprehensive guidance on procedures for making accurate use of monitoring data and setting up an effective monitoring program. This volume is especially beneficial to environmental scientists and engineers who lack formal statistical training, and the topic is fully explored to make complex information readily accessible.

Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring is published by
John Wiley & Sons

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