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CARStat — DUMPStat comparison chart

Wondering which program is the right one for your facility?

   CARStat DUMPStat
Sampling media soil, groundwater, air, effluent streams groundwater, surface water, air
VOC detections
Site licensing fees low cost software copies for already-licensed facilities
Sen's trend testing
PAOC grouping Group locations and view results as means or broken out individually
Analysis results in graphs or tables
Time series
Analytical data summary
Set time windows enhanced
Comparison to standards enhanced
Ignore data after a certain date
Definable zones for cells or heterogeneous site geology
Site-wide statistical power charts
Prediction limits based on background data
Monitor natural attenuation
Upwind vs downwind comparison
Upstream vs downstream comparison
Common uses
  • Superfund sites
  • Facilities undergoing remedial action
  • Real estate transfers
  • Ongoing groundwater detection monitoring
  • Standard background comparison testing
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