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DUMPStat, Explorer and CARStat:
Groundwater statistics and data investigation

DUMPStat, Explorer and CARStat make up a software suite designed for environmental statistics and hydrogeochemical investigation.

DUMPStat delivers powerful statistics tailored to detection monitoring data analysis and management at landfills and industrial facilities.

Explorer provides hydrogeochemical exploratory tools including Stiff Patterns, Trilinear Diagrams, Multi-Line Time Series, XY Scatter Plots and more; all with customizable configurations and unparalleled live interactivity.

CARStat extends DUMPStat's capabilities with statistics specific to compliance, assessment and remediation at industrial plants, disposal facilities, brownfield sites and other installations requiring detailed investigation.

CARStat and DUMPStat are based on the work of Dr. Robert D. Gibbons, author of Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring (1994), and Statistical Methods for Detection and Quantification of Environmental Contamination (2001), both published by Wiley. The methods used by both programs are compliant with USEPA Subtitle C and D regulations and all USEPA and ASTM Standard D6312-98 guidance documents. Explorer was developed in cooperation with experienced hydrologists to deal with 'real world' scenarios by providing industry-standard views and analyses.

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